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Harness performances are usually ambient. They are not designed to be a focal point, just a human decoration in the air. They are great for 'meet and greets' and fab for photo opportunities at events. They add another dimension to any event space and are great for adding theming. Available in any costume in varying colours or themes. They usually last 10-15 minutes per set. It often works well to have a Hang About as guests arrive on one piece of equipment and then an aerial act later in the night on another piece of equipment. Please see the selecton of pre-made acts below. Elena Marina is also an experienced choreographer. Please chat to her for more information about bespoke shows. Elena Marina has much experience in harness work, whilst working with The Dream Engine on their show "The Heliosphere". Please note Elena does not take bookings for this show - please contact nicki@thedreamengine.co.uk for more information.

Aerial  Angel Harness Hang About

A popular hang about for nightclubs is harness - these pictures demonstrate the angel and devil costumes.

Aerial Hang About for Corporate Events

This video demonstrates an aerial hang about 'meet and greet' at a corporate event.

Aerial Hang About for Nightclubs

This video demonstrates an aerial hang about on aerial hammock and hoop at a nightclub with Lethal Bizzle.


The Heliosphere